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  1. Competition Brief: "Even as technology keeps advancing, in lighting as in other fields, the world we live in becomes ever more homogenized. The techniques at our disposal (LED lighting, control over intensity or color, preprogrammed lighting schemes, etc...) give us the feeling of a personalized environment, but only within the limits of our own private space. Everyone can live this experience—at home. But when we cross the threshold of our front door, what happens then?  

    With this in mind, how can we extend the personalization of our private space to our public spaces?" - http://www.cluecompetition.com/en/ 

    Today, the discourse of lighting design is shifting away from antiquated and inefficient one-size-fits-all strategies towards a responsive and individual light that can follow our needs and preferences. In this rush to efficient complexity however, the immeasurable magic and play of electric light, fée électricité, has been lost to lumens, lux, and Kelvin. Light at Play proposes to bring back the play of light through floating globes, simultaneously playful and efficient, cosmic and historical. Light becomes not a blanket to be spread evenly over the world, but an object, a friend, floating and guided from room to room, place to place, night to day- following only as desired or needed and allowing the rest to sink into contrast and shadows. Light at Play is an idea for a newly old idea of light bringing in parallel the poetics and joy of light to its efficiencies and break-throughs.