Built with Berta

  1. Professor Vincent Brossy
    Collaboratively produced with Shega Mazreku and Khanshana Agodage
    Fall 2012
    3 weeks, L’École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette
    14th Arrondissement, Paris, France
    Apartment building

    Located on a unique site located on an original haussmannian street in Paris, the project called for one large apartment building, built to the maximum allowed by the urban code of Paris.

    Within the transverse opportunities of the site, we created a set of three buildings, inspired by haussmannian organization and modern french form- giving frontage to both the street to the east and the square to the west, as well as creating a covered pedestrian passage which linked these two heavily frequented spaces for the first time, and a sunken garden and amphitheater condition.