Built with Berta

  1. Chapel of Syncrotism

    Professor Juan Miró
    Spring 2016
    16 weeks
    University of Texas at Austin
    (in tandem with Universidad Marista de Merida and Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Veracruz)

    Mayan/Catholic Chapel for a Hospital
    Valladolid, Yucatán, Mexico

    The project acts as a syncretic catalyzer of forms and typologies, experiences and users, to create spaces of faith. The chapel works with the hospital of the Foundation San Lucas to define a central plaza and emphasize and expand its public presence.

    Responding to the typologies of the open chapel and basilica church, the chapel plays with the central axis of the cross to choreograph access and movement between community and meditative programs of faith. At the ground, a garden defines the extent of the sacred while referencing the plants of mayan worship and the atrio of the missionary tradition. Rising above, the various scales of limestone - ranging in size from the crushed stone of a garden path to the gabion’s structural play of light- connect the project to the site and Mayan cave/mountain symbolism.