Built with Berta

  1. Ganzfoort School of Music

    Professor Michael Benedikt
    Spring 2015
    8 weeks
    University of Texas at Austin

    Home and Private Music School
    Austin, TX

    The project focused on creating a school of music and private home for a hypothetical client, a classical concert pianist named Ossip Ganzfoort, to retire to in Austin, TX. Here, Ossip hopes to teach masters classes himself, and to create a new piano school for pianists of all ages.

    The architecture responds to Ossip’s simultaneous opening up to the city to take in students, and his own personal retirement from a life of touring. In the project, Ossip can find privacy around his own personal courtyard while sharing his living room, his preferred teaching location, with select students. The public courtyard, however, opens to the visitor and creates a grand entry for the young students coming to begin their own path towards becoming a master pianist.