Built with Berta

  1. Leander City Hall and Business Incubator

    With Adam Williams
    Professor Matt Fajkus  
    Fall 2015
    24 weeks, University of Texas at Austin
    Leander, TX
    City Hall and Work-share Offices

    As part of the University of Texas’s City Lab program, our studio partnered with the city of Leander and its City Planners to create new modules of mixed-use development in a city experiencing some of the most rapid growth in the country, and whose population is 95% commuters.

    Currently, the City of Leander hosts one of the most problematic urban conditions found in US cities, a high speed, high traffic corridor dividing its heart in two. Leander is already host to multiple areas of burgeoning character, with the risk of each developing separately, unevenly and becoming isolated from one another. Leander’s current preference for a singular mode of transportation, the car, should be reversed, with multiple forms equitably woven together. By introducing new civic programs and pedestrian/vehicular infrastructure as a connection between east and west Leander, government and economic activity can create the fulcrum between old and new development.


  2. 360 Panorama