Built with Berta

  1. Professor David Heymann
    Fall 2014
    16 weeks, University of Texas at Austin
    Austin, TX
    Monumental Data Center

    Knowing that research universities are largely defined by the intellectual capital that they hold -classes, lectures, research, publications, outside resources, and others- and rejecting the false and prejudiced dichotomy between “digital” and “physical” information; how does digital data, previously ignored or out-sourced, and its accumulation, access, and production, become integrally, publicly, and iconographically represented and manifested as a monument to the information it contains to a campus dependent and defined by it?

    The Data Library would seek to communicate its own importance to the campus through the iconographic use of monumental language, while also speaking the poetic ambiguities of information, especially digital, and the small portion of a larger whole contained within any one structure. The building would also seek to use its own reduced energy use and environmental impact as a driver of form both to poetically speak to the future aspirations of the university, but also to the quality of that future.