Built with Berta

  1. Professor Jennifer Bonner  
    Spring 2013
    16 weeks, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Nashville, TN
    School of Architecture

    A new school of architecture to lie along the banks of Nashville’s Cumberland river, seeking to embrace the agency of the Homo Luden within the ambiences of New Babylon and the play of plan by Rem Koolhaas in ZKM. The school seeks to sponsor the agency of students to create and learn from and within space and form. The school exists then as both a canvas and a frame, to inspire through the interplay of space, the chance encounters and accidental collaborations therein, and to leave free the void that can be filled with student work, life, and experimentation. The school should function architecturally in three distinct, yet related, ways- rational connections and functional spaces that guide program, intersections and collisions that create the space for accidental interaction and cohesiveness of the student body; and the active void that leaves free space to be created within.  
    Functionally speaking the school exists as: 4 distinct studios, one for each year level; presentation and jury spaces; an auditorium/theatre; various workshops for construction research and experimentation; classrooms;  faculty offices; labs and libraries.