Built with Berta

  1. Professor David Heymann
    Fall 2014
    4 weeks, University of Texas at Austin
    Austin, TX
    Monumental Theatre

    Seeking to revive a campus cornerstone and monumental theatre designed by Paul Cret in 1933 that has since found itself overshadowed and neglected by the campus around it, this project seeks to create an architectural play of space and perception in the form of a theatre of the public and for the public. Embracing the theatrics of occupying a public place, seeing and being seen, the project creates ambiguous spaces of "stage" and "house," with perspectival play borrowed from the world of set design. From each pole, the experience and sightlines are carefully curated to create perceptions of space, form, and distance unique from the physical and cartesian reality, while a bounded and equally curated experience of the man-made "natural" organizes and shapes the central axis of the project.